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Now young people especially like this small duplex house type. The duplex structure gives a modern urban visual effect on the overall shape, especially the small duplex decoration house type combined with the essence of modern simple decoration to create a unique decoration effect map. Morgan space has a large number of 48 square meters of small duplex units, so we will use this 48 square meters of units to check the effect drawing of modern simple decoration of small duplex units, and let's appreciate it

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design focus: soft light

the essence of bedroom decoration is to achieve a good rest place and sleep for the family, so the design and collocation of colors soften the light, which is more conducive to the production of high-quality sleep

III. stairs

design focus: safety and convenience

an indispensable decoration focus of duplex buildings is stairs. In the decoration of stairs, we must realize the decoration of stairs on the basis of ensuring the safety of family members, and in the design of wall colors, we can use light colors to make the overall visual effect of stairs better and avoid some accidents

IV. bathroom

the small duplex bathroom may be relatively narrow in space, so you can choose some small bathroom tools when decorating the bathroom to achieve a good summary of the overall space of the bathroom

precautions for small house decoration; Precautions for decoration of duplex stairs; Notes for the decoration of duplex buildings

summary of the editor: the overall decoration of the small duplex decoration can achieve a good decoration effect picture from the aspects of design, modeling, color matching, lighting, etc., and each part can be closely combined to achieve a good home decoration, so the editor reminds the owners that they must choose a decoration company with high decoration qualifications to decorate when installing and repairing, and the comparison of early decoration is very important

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