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High quality home decoration, Carty doors and windows. Now we can find an interesting phenomenon from ourselves or relatives and friends around us: "everyone is willing to spend more money on better products." Therefore, apple mobile phones and Huawei mobile phones sell more expensive and better than the so-called loser brand. This is consumption upgrading! Behind the consumption upgrading is the rise of brand consumption. The consumption concept of Chinese people with money has changed. They no longer believe in "good quality and low price", but firmly believe in "high price and good quality". Therefore, it can be found that in all areas of consumption, the business of big brands is extremely good, while enterprises with insufficient brand power are facing increasingly difficult times

therefore, the first strategic view: "brand up". Ideal enterprises should hold high the brand flag, build brands and take the road of brand development when the market is reshuffled and the industry pattern is reconstructed. Carty doors and windows is going against the current in this industry. We should dare to invest in the brand and be willing to invest, so as to enhance the brand. Because only brands can have pricing power and get out of the quagmire of low price competition and vicious promotion

maybe many people will say that in the industry of aluminum alloy doors and windows, home furnishings are all branded. Look at so many major brands in the industry. But this is only an "industry brand", not a "consumer brand". In the past, a major feature of the household aluminum alloy door and window industry was that there were only industry brands, not consumer brands. Many enterprises are factory thinking, do factory brands, are keen on agent distribution, and do not deeply participate in brand building at the consumer level

under the background of consumption upgrading, when the Internet era flattens the whole world, home furnishing enterprises need to have user thinking and build brands from the perspective of consumers. Factory thinking creates industry brands, so you will find that in the past, household enterprises only talked about the physical properties of products, fried materials, fried environmental protection, and marketing monsters and chaos

to be a consumer brand, we must understand the needs and psychology of consumers. Product quality is only the foundation, and more attention should be paid to the spiritual needs of consumers. So at this time, whether the brand values can resonate with consumers, whether the design aesthetics can cater to users, and whether the pulse of lifestyle is correct have become the key to building and improving the brand

the household aluminum alloy door and window industry has shown the power of brands. In each sub category, German Cartier doors and windows still maintain sustained growth, which has attracted widespread attention in the door and window industry. There is also the market reshuffle period, which is particularly obvious, and these enterprises are precisely the ones who are most willing to invest in building brands on the consumer side, and now the market has finally rewarded them

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