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As 2014 is about to end, Conn. Langqiao is still enjoying huge benefits! It brings consumers in Suzhou and Hangzhou a special Carnival and healthy feast of "I'm here, I'll make it right away" large-scale Hexiang board

affordable! There is not only the online shopping Carnival in November, but it is about to complete this successful step in 2014. Conneden Lanqiao is still enjoying huge benefits! As the representative and pioneer of the whole house green home customization, Conn é don Lanqiao adheres to the brand concept of "green creation and enjoyment, change because of you", and will take the new type of 0 formaldehyde Hexiang board environmental protection board as the theme to bring a special Carnival and healthy huge benefit feast of "I'm coming, right away 0 formaldehyde" large Hexiang board to consumers in Suzhou and Hangzhou

on December 27, the special event of Conn é don · Lanqiao o aldehyde Hexiang board will visit Suzhou, a warm water town; On December 28, the special event of Hexiang board in Hangzhou station will be opened again

as the saying goes, there is heaven above and Suzhou and Hangzhou below. In these two beautiful cities, there is a moving breath. With sincere service awareness and high-quality household products, Conn é don Lanqiao, a model of green home furnishing, has been loved by families in Suzhou and Hangzhou. Among them, 0 aldehyde green and environmental friendly Hexiang board, which is very popular, brings "health" to every customer's heart. In 2014, which is about to be a complete year, LAN Qiao people will not stop, devote themselves and be sincere. They will send them to the special session of hexiangban across the country, Shenghui, and bring them to the beautiful Suzhou and Hangzhou

o aldehyde Hexiang board is a new type of ecological and environmental friendly man-made board, which is developed with national advanced patented technology with crop straw fragments as the main raw material and polyurethane ecological glue MDI glue completely free of formaldehyde as the adhesive. The durability, load-bearing and deformation resistance of Hexiang board meet the national standard of particleboard, which is no less than wood-based artificial board. European E0 standard is the most environmentally friendly artificial board at present. Its radiation is natural background level; The formaldehyde emission was zero when tested by dryer method; It is superior to Japanese f ★★★★★ standard and European E0 standard. Although ordinary board furniture has undergone surface treatment, formaldehyde free substances cannot be completely suppressed by facing and edge banding, which is the reason why many new ordinary board furniture still have a strong chemical flavor, while green and environmentally friendly Hexiang board is elegant with the fragrance of plant Hexiang. Under the increasingly strong concept of "healthy furniture", 0-aldehyde Hexiang board will inevitably be more favored by consumers, The special large-scale Hexiang board event of "I'm coming, I'll do it right away" by Conn. Langqiao has been held in several tours across the country, and the venue is full, and the grand occasion is unparalleled

on December 27, we meet in Suzhou! On December 28, we gather in Hangzhou! Let's contribute to "health", interpret happiness with "green home", and add a new impetus to health for home, for you and me, and for the coming New Year! Please look forward to your invitation





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