The hottest smart city includes at least 5 aspects

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Smart cities include at least five aspects

will there be a unified standard for smart cities under construction everywhere in the future? When answering a question yesterday, academician panyunhe, vice president of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that this is the subject of this research. 1. The friction resistance of inductive displacement sensing appliance 1, pointer bearing, pendulum bearing and force measuring transmission components is too large: now it is mainly to adjust and clean bearings and force measuring transmission components To eliminate abnormal friction resistance, there is no main problem to be solved by sliding contact

he said that at present, experts in many fields have reached a preliminary consensus on what is a Chinese style smart city. In short, it is to realize the wonderful development of the city. It includes at least five aspects: first, intelligent transportation, including the planning and construction of intelligent transportation integrated management and control platform and intelligent parking; Second, drive the upgrading of relevant industries, and promote the development of the information industry through the use of information technology to generate a number of intelligent factories; The third is to build supporting information infrastructure, including broadband access and cloud computing. For patients who wear hydroxyapatite orbital implant, wearing thin soft orbital implant has its unique advantages. The soft orbital implant is directly adsorbed on the conjunctival surface of the orbital implant, which can reduce friction, and reach the synchronous movement with the orbital implant and the appearance beauty center; Fourth, intelligent urban management and services, such as smart health care and education; Fifth, the use of smart cities has improved the quality of urban people, such as digital libraries and smart tourism

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