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Small studio innovated "big energy"

Abstract: subsequently, they successively developed new energy-saving and maintenance free development market space of up to trillion; Secondly, more than 10 achievements, such as hydraulic system, casting automatic counting system, sand core automatic dip coating machine, etc. Robot high-pressure cleaning equipment is also being updated in the continuous development, and is now the seventh generation product

if we look at the whole country, "liuyunqing model worker Innovation Studio" is just an ordinary studio. But no one can imagine its "big business". Since its establishment two years ago, the studio has achieved 35 scientific and technological achievements and 17 patents, including 4 invention patents, more than 200 sets of self-developed equipment, designed and built 7 robot automation production lines, and created an output value of 150million yuan

this time, the "liuyunqing model worker Innovation Studio" of CRRC Qishuyan Locomotive and rolling stock Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CRRC Qishuyan Institute"), as a model of innovation and entrepreneurship in Jiangsu Province, was also invited to participate in the 2017 Beijing International Innovation and entrepreneurship Expo

during the exhibition, jiaokaihe, vice chairman and Secretary of the Secretariat of the all China Federation of trade unions, stopped at the booth of liuyunqing model worker Innovation Studio. He inspected the innovation achievements of the studio in detail and listened to the information about the robot intelligent manufacturing production line. At the same time, he encouraged Liu Yunqing and the members of the studio to make persistent efforts and make contributions to accelerating the construction of a manufacturing power

2015, liuyunqing model worker Innovation Studio was established. Every year, the studio will sign a project letter to tackle key problems. The team took technology research and innovation as a career, and solved the bottleneck problems restricting product quality and work efficiency

one of the inventions, the high-pressure cleaning robot, is a device used in the production of turbocharging devices for high-end passenger cars. The device is the product whose precision is second only to that of the engine in the passenger car market at present, and has very strict requirements for cleanliness and granularity. There is no product cleaning equipment in the market that can meet the needs of high-end passenger cars in the production process

1. The rubber pulling machine must be installed in a clean, dry place without corrosive gas.

in order to manufacture the stainless steel cabin of the cleaning machine, team members visited Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Guangdong, and visited more than 30 suppliers on the spot. Finally, with the assistance of a robot manufacturer, many insulation material manufacturers shouted that there was no absolute direct relationship between fire and insulation materials, and developed a fully intelligent robot high-pressure cleaning machine

subsequently, they successively developed more than 10 achievements, such as a new energy-saving maintenance free hydraulic system, an automatic casting counting system, and an automatic sand core dip coating machine. Robot high-pressure cleaning equipment is also being updated in the continuous development, and is now the seventh generation product

in May this year, the project of "gear drive cleaning equipment for high-speed EMUs" initiated by young people in the studio was officially established among the "young makers" of CRRC Qishuyan Institute

this is a re creation of the original innovative products. The quality and accuracy requirements of high-speed rail products are much higher than those of passenger cars, and the internal complexity of the products is also much higher than that of other markets

"when the water pressure for cleaning is high, it will have an impact on the inner wall of the product. When the pressure is low, it is impossible to meet the requirements for the depth of super long holes, and the distribution of oil injection holes in the gear transmission system is relatively scattered." Liuyunqing said

the team began to try and communicate with the master of gear skills and the designer of gear transmission device

"in case of difficulties in cleaning, the product is not only heavy, but also needs to be turned over many times. If the machine can move the product without moving, it will not be far from success." Huang Bin, the youngest member of the studio, said. For more than five months, they struggled on the front line. At present, their equipment is undergoing final debugging, ready to begin to meet the new iteration update. Over the years, Cheng Cheng of the studio has been a simple illustrator on these issues. Each year, he will declare and issue projects in the form of project system. Maker has become a feature of the studio

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