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On June 23, 2013, China's digital countryside held a beautiful China smart agriculture, rural areas and farmers development forum at ruizhengyuan farm in Beijing. More than 500 people attended the forum, including leaders of national ministries and commissions, agricultural experts and scholars, financial experts, investors, China agriculture, rural areas and farmers group, senior leaders of digital countryside with low shrinkage, high elasticity and anti slip characteristics of China PU foaming materials, and people from all walks of life who care about agriculture, rural areas and farmers

the report of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that in the face of the severe situation of tighter resource constraints, serious environmental pollution and ecosystem degradation, we must establish the concept of ecological civilization of respecting, conforming to and protecting nature, put the construction of ecological civilization in a prominent position, and integrate it into all aspects and the whole process of economic, political, cultural and social construction. The No. 1 central document has focused on agriculture, rural areas and farmers for ten consecutive years. Today, when the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers is becoming more and more important, how to realize the sound and rapid development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers' industries has become a common concern of the majority of farmers, rural areas and farmers

at this forum, renyuling, counselor of the State Council and President of China Association for the promotion of private economy, made a keynote speech entitled "promoting ecological civilization and building a beautiful China". In his speech, counselor Ren Yuling focused on the signal generated by the digital display full-automatic impact experimental machine for the construction of beautiful China through the high-speed load measurement sensor and the problems existing in the current development of China's agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and pointed out that the development of smart agriculture is conducive to agricultural development, farmers' income increase, and the construction of beautiful China

as a manufacturer specializing in the production of experimental machines, Jinan Shijin is urgent to build a beautiful China and develop smart agriculture. This forum focuses on smart agriculture. Smart agriculture is to make full use of the achievements of modern information technology, integrate and apply computer and network technology, IOT technology, audio and video technology, 3S technology, wireless communication technology and expert wisdom, and realize the intelligent management of agricultural visual remote diagnosis, remote control, disaster early warning, etc. Through watching the video on site, the leaders and guests at the meeting highly affirmed the development of smart agriculture and put forward constructive opinions on the development of smart agriculture

with the improvement of mobile Internet and IOT technology, smart agriculture, as an excellent representative in the field of agricultural science and technology, has moved from behind to the front. Temperature and humidity sensing, automatic lighting and intelligent irrigation farmers only need a computer or even a computer to master the changes in the field every minute. Next, let's go to all provinces to see the grand occasion of the development of smart agriculture. On June 22, the bird's nest type intelligent temperature control greenhouse in Qiannan, which is the largest in Qiannan Prefecture and integrates agricultural tourism and catering entertainment such as restaurants, teahouses, fishing, greening, sterile group cultivation, was put into use in Xiufeng village, Jichang Town, Dushan county

it is understood that Guizhou lvchunyuan organic agriculture industry management Co., Ltd. hired experts from Guizhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences and South China Agricultural University to build a 13000 square meter bird's nest warm greenhouse in combination with the structural principle of bird's nest and honeycomb in nature, with an initial investment of 200million yuan

it is reported that compared with traditional greenhouses, the bird's nest greenhouses have four advantages: strong disaster resistance. After testing, the average load at each connection point of the greenhouses is more than 180 kg, which can resist the wind attack of 118 kilometers per hour

in addition, this kind of greenhouse adopts intelligent control. Through the operation of the computer, the pre-set optimal parameters are compared with the environmental parameters, so that the whole seedling raising process is intelligent and automatic, which is not affected by the seasons, but also saves a lot of management labor. With low cost, fast emergence and high income, the three-dimensional planting is developed by making full use of space, and the land utilization rate is greatly improved, which is 610 times higher than that of ordinary plane planting. The greenhouse adopts the industrialized non test tube rapid propagation technology. The output value per mu can reach 330000 yuan, and the net income per mu is nearly 100000 yuan. Compared with the traditional flat, this series of experimental machines are compact in structure, beautiful in appearance, stable in quality, and have the function of discharging oil smoke odor pollution and cooling. The income of seedling raising is nearly 7 times

TongZhou uses IOT technology to build a smart new agricultural city

with the rising of IOT industry and the prosperity and development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, smart agriculture will certainly rise, opening up a new world for the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers in China

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