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Smart city is no longer Utopian. How long will the bus you want to take arrive? Where is a public bicycle stop? As long as you move your finger, you can find it through intelligence. As long as the elderly left behind in the community tap the nearby call system, social service institutions will rush to provide help at the first time. How about the greening rate of the community? The quality of houses is not good enough. You can log in to the corresponding network platform to know that such smart city ideas as

are being spread most effectively through technology giants, engineering companies, consulting agencies and other smart cities. Based on the ubiquitous wireless broadband, the sensors are embedded in all urban structures. It can be predicted that the future smart cities will blossom everywhere, or will no longer be a utopian idea

comprehensive platform for building five databases in Kunshan City

on January 29, 2013, Kunshan Huaqiao economic and Technological Development Zone was successfully selected into the first batch of smart city pilot projects in China. In August of the same year, Kunshan City was also selected into the smart city pilot projects. At present, Huaqiao has mechanical properties corresponding to the healing or tissue regeneration function; The construction of Kunshan smart city, represented by other places, has gradually shown its advantages in efficient management and convenient services. Applications such as smart transportation, smart community, convenient services, smart urban management and smart talents have been fully launched to serve the well-being of the people

the so-called smart city is a new information-based urban form formed under the support of new generation information technologies such as IOT and cloud computing. Under the promotion of the 12th Five Year Plan, Huaqiao is committed to the process of urban low-carbon, taking the lead in building a low-carbon ecological city integrating low-carbon industry, low-carbon building, low-carbon transportation, low-carbon life, low-carbon environment and low-carbon society, which coincides with the concept of smart city's utilization of Pan city in the field of power vehicles and energy storage

at present, phase I of the smart Huaqiao directory exchange center based on the five databases of population, economy, legal person, geographic information and buildings has been preliminarily completed, and various smart application pilot work has been carried out innovatively. The integrated platform for planning and construction of smart Huaqiao, which has been put into operation, covers 50 square kilometers of the whole Huaqiao, including eight application systems such as planning management information system, landscaping information management system and real estate information management system. It can provide a one-stop data sharing and exchange and technology application service mode, and provide strong data services and technical support for the construction and development of smart Huaqiao. In October, 2014, the platform won the gold award of China Geographic Information Industry Engineering

among them, the building information model can comprehensively collect building operation safety, indoor air index, energy consumption management and other information, and manage and analyze the regional enterprises, population, real estate information and building economy. The digital house information platform has established a digital house data base and a platform for public query, statistical analysis and multi-dimensional display of digital houses. Residents want to know the house information, quality and safety of a certain community in the district. They can find the answer by logging in to the network platform

when Hangzhou's smart city construction was under way, the government made efforts to benefit the people's livelihood with wisdom.

tracing back to the start of Hangzhou's smart city, the general office of Zhejiang provincial government officially issued the notice on carrying out the pilot work of smart city construction, listing Hangzhou as one of the Provincial smart city construction demonstration pilot cities. After three years of hard work, Hangzhou is becoming more and more intelligent. Although Hangzhou's smart city construction is not the earliest, it is likely to become a national leader. On March 19 this year, panyunhe, executive vice president of the Chinese Academy of engineering, visited Hangzhou to investigate the construction of a smart city. He praised Hangzhou for its years of hard work

the most direct beneficiaries are the 8.844 million citizens living in Hangzhou. Take seeing a doctor for example. Now you only need a citizen card. You don't need to bring cash. You can pay by swiping the card. Within two years, Hangzhou people saved 6.55 million hours of queuing time. According to the figures of Hangzhou Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, at present, 3.38 million people have opened the settlement function between citizen card clinics, with a cumulative use of 4.5 million people, with a utilization rate of 67%. According to statistics, the number of citizen cards issued in Hangzhou has reached 8million, with a total of 15million cards, including other health cards and Hangzhou Tong cards. It has become a successful case of urban all-in-one cards with the largest number of cards issued in China, the widest range of applications, the best data sharing and feasible business model

looking at green travel, Hangzhou's bicycle rental system has an average daily rental volume of more than 400000 person times, ranking first in the evaluation of the world's best public bicycle systems in 16 regions. Click the app to find the nearest rental point. The successful model has been exported to more than 90 cities in 25 provinces. Moreover, the benefits to people's livelihood are spreading to more and more corners. From the perspective of public services, this year, Zhejiang provincial pilot projects of smart safety supervision and smart urban management are progressing steadily, and the informatization construction in many fields such as social security dynamic monitoring system, logistics public information platform, digital campus, cultural information resource sharing project is also moving forward steadily

the purpose of a smart city is to benefit people's livelihood. At the world interconnection conference held on November 20, maoguanglie, vice governor of the people's Government of Zhejiang Province, pointed out the topic of building a smart city. It is precisely because of these smart services that Hangzhou was listed as the top ten in the evaluation of smart city development level at the 6th (2014) China Smart City Development Annual Conference on November 27

creating a smart city to imagine life in Hefei

creating a smart city is a golden key for Hefei to actively explore urban comprehensive management. It promotes the coordinated and efficient operation of urban people flow, logistics, information flow and traffic flow, and makes the urban operation safer, more efficient, more convenient, greener and more harmonious. Walking into Hefei, you will find that scientific and technological elements and innovative spirit are lighting up the spark of wisdom, and butterflies are changing the details of the city

intelligent transportation is an important link in building Hefei into a smart city. Nowadays, Hefei is actively developing the IOT industry, and the expectation of intelligent transportation may be realized. IOT is connected to the urban intelligent traffic information platform, intelligent traffic command information system and intelligent bus electronic stop board information release system. After getting the dynamic traffic conditions in time, it can put forward an intelligent traffic light control solution, and the traffic lights can be automatically adjusted according to the traffic flow

in december2013, Hefei handheld bus system was launched. The app program was downloaded free of charge through Hefei bus station. After installation, you can check the bus location, distance and arrival time, and also independently participate in the formulation of travel plans. After citizens download the software, even if they are not near the bus stop sign, the system can automatically help people locate, mark the bus stop sign nearby, the bus lines they pass, the distribution of buses at each stop, the arrival time, etc. Citizens can decide which bus to take according to their own time

this year, Hefei citizens can brush microblogs and shake their hands on buses. At present, 9 lines and 300 buses in the city have been installed with high-speed mobile broadband on-board equipment. Citizens can use free wireless internet surfing through smart and tablet computers. More and more convenient public transport service measures are taken, and more intelligent means are used. Citizens who are used to taking the bus can easily log in to the bus WiFi and roam freely in the network space by taking the Express Line 1 to shuttle between the Binhu New Area and the urban area

Hefei is the first city in China to integrate traffic information and traffic police resources. It realizes the interactive sharing of road resources through the technology platform. For example, when the private car driver determines the destination, the technology platform will automatically recommend the best travel route, and send the real-time congestion of the road to the owner through SMS to avoid the congestion of key sections. This is a model of intelligent transportation. Not only that, when important vehicles, such as emergency vehicles, fire engines and BRT buses, drive to the intersection, they can automatically turn red light to green and form a fast track by monitoring the node, intersection traffic flow and vehicle driving direction through sensors

if we can't eliminate the fault by fax or e-mail, we can see that the smart city has spread in various cities. In the process of building a smart city, we should vigorously promote information and data sharing, continuously strengthen information security management, and further simplify the work process and strengthen the service function of the data and information platform. Increase capital investment and strengthen government and enterprises. 9. Stroke accuracy: ± 0.5%; Cooperation, make full use of information-based means to improve government efficiency, constantly improve the supervision and law enforcement system, and realize the full coverage of information-based government services. We should vigorously promote the application of new technologies, serve the broad masses of the people with the achievements of smart city construction, and lead urban modernization with informatization

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