The hottest smart earphones are in fierce battle.

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The battle for smart earphones is fierce. Can domestic earphones surpass airpods

in 2016, after Apple released airpods with a price of up to 1276 yuan, there were many roast around the world. However, after two years of market running in, airpods has become the most popular popular accessory. At this year's World Cup, many famous stars wore this high-resolution headset, which virtually added valuable exposure to airpods

the battle for smart earphones is fierce. Can domestic earphones surpass airpods

according to the retail tracking report of NPD group, with the relaxation of the new energy vehicle policy, 85% of the sales of smart headphones in the United States since 2017 has been created by airplads. The popularity of airpods has catalysed the investment of smart headphones from other Internet companies. For example, Samsung launched the smart headset of gear iconx (2018), and Google released the pixel bundles supporting 40 language translations in October this year. In addition, the old earphone manufacturer monster magic sound will update the monster talk series earphones with an intelligent voice assistant called melody

domestic Internet companies have also deployed smart headphones. On December 20, 2017, Tencent, together with Wanmo acoustics and Gudong, jointly launched the Gudong 1More smart Bluetooth heart rate sports headset ibfree, at a price of 399 yuan. IFLYTEK released the smart headset Mobius by taking advantage of voice technology. The Chinese artificial intelligence company invested by Google (Google) has also launched a number of smart earphones. Because of the entertainment properties of earphones, many people in the cultural and entertainment circles have also made cross-border moves. Rock and roll Wang Feng launched the fill brand. Former gymnastics world champion Li Xiaopeng created an intelligent earphone XVI for running. There are many players of smart headphones. It is precisely because of the improvement of technical conditions that it is much less difficult to land headphones in the direction of super intelligence than a few years ago. The headphone market has ushered in new opportunities

the increasingly mature technology brings opportunities for the development of smart headphones

the hardware foundation of headphones is mature

headphones have developed from digitalization to wireless, and the wireless headphone technology has matured. Wireless earphones are generally charged with a charging box placed on the earphone, which solves the endurance pain point of wireless earphones. The wearing comfort and stability of wireless earphones have also been continuously tried and developed by earphone manufacturers to meet ergonomic products. Airpods is lightweight but difficult to get rid of

in recent years, the intelligence rate has increased significantly

with the rapid development of intelligent voice, intelligent products combined with voice functions have emerged in many fields. As the bottom technology of human-computer interaction, intelligent speech greatly promotes the development of artificial intelligence. Due to the maturity of voice assistant, many smart earphones can load their own voice assistant to realize the intelligence of earphones

here one smart earphone, a pre production version launched by Doppler labs in October 2016, provides a creative idea for the earphone field to move towards intelligence

the device creatively embeds a chip in the earphone, eliminates unnecessary noise background through an adaptive filtering system, amplifies someone's voice in the room, and even has a translation function. Because of the high financing amount, the company failed to realize sales and finally went bankrupt. However, the global Internet giants are deeply inspired and have basically launched their own smart headphones according to the idea of this product. Former Doppler Audio Engineer gints klimanis said that the ultimate idea of the device is to steal the cake from intelligence. Intelligence may never disappear, but the combination of voice commands and listening and feeling may become an interface for any spontaneous behavior. Earphones usher in intelligent opportunities

airpods is leading the world. To surpass its leading position, we need to solve the following three problems.

airpods sales are leading the world. Some analysts predict that Apple's sales of airpods will double in 2018, reaching 26million to 28million. To shake its position, domestic smart earphone manufacturers need to solve the following three major problems

it needs software and hardware to work together

although earphones have been used frequently in daily life, both smart earphones and traditional earphones need to be used with other smart hardware. It is the key to the use of smart headphones, and airpods has achieved easy connection switching on iPhone, iPad, iPod and Iwatch. If traditional headphone developers do not cooperate with Internet companies, it is difficult to open the market only through quality improvement. Beats, a high-end headphone brand in the United States, was acquired by apple under the impact of Internet. Xiaomi's sales of its own headphones through a series of intelligent hardware products is a good proof. In addition to the need for intelligent hardware to build an ecosystem, it is also necessary to continuously develop relevant software assistance and expand the application of intelligent earphones, so as to form a product competition barrier. This is not a low requirement for domestic smart headphone manufacturers

the demand for smart earphones still needs to be tapped.

at present, the demand for smart earphones still needs to be objectively evaluated. The core functions of earphones are music and communication. For most consumers, some functions do not matter. More and more functions of smart earphones may weaken the original listening and speaking ability, and the optimization of other functions will be extremely poor if they are not high enough. Consumers might as well honestly use traditional earphones rather than spend a lot of money on a smart earphone that has many functions but can't be used. The built-in voice assistant in the smart headset can realize some voice interaction, but there are some problems (4) activate the "tension and contraction experiment" shortcut logo on the computer desktop. The survey shows that most people are not used to talking to themselves in the headset. Apple has also gone through a long market run in period to guide consumers to buy airpods by canceling the earphone jack, so do not raise consumers' expectations too much, and take the initiative to create just needs for consumers

deeply explore the personalized needs of users

earphones have a high penetration rate in the daily life of the public. The fashionable appearance and excellent sound quality of earphones are the basis for most consumers to buy earphones, and even cultivate a number of earphone parties who are extremely focused on appearance and sound quality. Since headphones have been around for a long time, individual users' requirements for headphones are personalized. The so-called intelligent functions such as schedule management, vehicle navigation, language translation, sports and fitness cannot sacrifice their original quality just because chips are added. Smart headphone manufacturers still need to polish the sound quality and appearance design of smart headphones, and it is easy to forget the basics if artificial intelligence is overemphasized

domestic smart earphones may have the opportunity to be popularized in an all-round way

although the status of airpods is still difficult to shake at present, earphones are daily necessary digital accessories and have a high market share. Domestic earphones are likely to be popularized in an all-round way and continue to erode the market share of airpods

there are still plenty of opportunities to focus on the vertical field of smart headphones

at present, the functions of smart earphones include voice interaction, scene noise reduction, motion monitoring and language translation. Each function has high commercial value to maximize. If you want to develop in an all-round way, the technical requirements are too high and it is difficult to take the lead. But if you focus on only one field, you may be far superior to your competitors. Shenzhen Shaoyin focuses on bone sensing earphones and carries the flag of sports. In 2018, it was awarded the best sports fitness earphone by Forbes, and has great popularity in the field of sports earphones

it has higher use requirements than intelligent speakers, which is conducive to competing for a new entrance to intelligent interaction

in recent years, smart speakers have become the traffic entrance for Internet giants to compete for smart home, because their voice interaction and home entertainment can be well combined. However, the functions of smart headphones and smart speakers are highly overlapped, and they are easy to move. Wearing them around can better realize multi scene interaction. If smart headphones with higher frequency are used as the home IOT entrance, many families do not need to buy additional speakers. Smart headset manufacturers should recognize this opportunity and strengthen the layout of smart headset IOT

actively cooperate with internet music software and make good use of the advantages of copyright localization

airpods can call Siri by voice at present, but Siri has achieved good localization. After all, the cooperation between non-native voice assistants and domestic music software is limited. Even if Siri can be implemented to help search and play songs in the future, the problem of music copyright will prevent airpod from playing Chinese songs intelligently. Domestic smart headphones can cooperate with internet music software to seize the music copyright share of smart headphones as soon as possible

the price of domestic earphones is low, which is conducive to improving the penetration rate of smart earphones

fighting a price war is a common strategy for China's intelligent hardware to compete for market share. With the increasingly fierce competition for intelligent earphones, the price of domestic intelligent earphones must be lowered again to the extent that consumers are eager to try. Compared with the high price of Apple's airpods1276 yuan, it will be very attractive to try domestic smart headphones. With the increase of penetration rate of these smart headphones, users' habit of using domestic smart headphones will be cultivated

develop audio ripple recognition to create exclusive private headphones

the functions of smart headphones are full of a sense of black technology. In terms of these existing functions, it may not be so difficult for smart headphone enterprises to expand in the same direction, but they are more competitive. For example, intelligent precision screw pair transmission; 2. Ordinary belt driven earphones can reduce noise in noisy environments through sound ripple recognition. In addition, can audio ripple recognition make earphones completely private products? Domestic smart earphones can have more imagination of their own products and form their own brand recognition

as a common product, earphones have intelligent wings. There are still many problems to be solved, such as whether the function is good, whether the quality is excellent, whether the market demand is strong, and so on. However, with the popularity of airpods, we can see that the field of smart headphones actually has a huge imagination space. If domestic smart earphones can seize the opportunity of intelligent earphones, refine their own products, and combine software and hardware to form their own ecological chain around earphones to form a product competition barrier, domestic smart earphones may be popularized in China

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