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What is the reason why a customer has only recognized Molike curtains for nearly 30 years

"the disadvantage is that it's expensive. I'm very satisfied with everything else." Miss Lu, who has used molyk soft clothes for nearly 30 years, commented on molyk products

Miss Lu has many villas and other real estate properties. Because the decoration of her home has always been made with moliqua soft decoration, and she has purchased too many times, so Miss Lu can't remember when the first purchase was made, only about before 1998

(Ms. Lu has used moliqua curtains for nearly 30 years)

recalling the scene of decorating the villa in those days, Ms. Lu couldn't hide her cherish for the curtains she just bought. She said proudly, "my 3-meter-high arc floor high window is very imposing. The curtain cloth is very thick. I spent tens of thousands of yuan on a window, which is very shocking."

she also said that she only washed the curtains once a year, but even so, the curtains were not dirty and there was no dust. She said excitedly that the curtains had been used for so many years, but they didn't fade. They were exposed to the wind and sun every day, and they didn't become brittle. The texture was still very good, and even the window screen was still very strong

(Molike curtains that Miss Lu has used for nearly 30 years)

Miss Lu also said that many curtain brands do not have after-sales service, and even if they do, they are unreliable. Miss Lu once bought a pair of molic curtains many years ago, and she thought it smelled, which she had never encountered before, and she thought it was very strange

therefore, she went to the molyk store to disagree with the salesperson. Without saying a word, the store immediately sent the after-sales staff to clean the smelly curtains that Miss Lu had just bought. After the maintenance work, she hung them back at Miss Lu's home, and did not charge Miss Lu any fees

(molic curtains that Miss Lu has used for nearly 30 years)

this makes Miss Lu look at molic's service with new eyes and praise molic's thoughtful and considerate service, which is very guaranteed. After that, Miss Lu recognized the brand of molic and went to molic to choose soft clothes no matter which suite she bought; No matter which relatives or friends around you decorate, you will personally introduce people to Molike to buy soft clothes

(molic curtains that Miss Lu has used for nearly 30 years)

recently, Miss Lu went to molic stores to buy wall coverings. She said that molic products have made her feel very relieved. Although Molike products are more expensive than other brands, Miss Lu also has to admit the truth that "you get what you pay for"

she also said half jokingly that it would be perfect if molyk could give a lower discount. After all, who doesn't want Wumart at a good price? So when the Molike store is doing activities, you should cherish it

recently, there is such a good time

in order to publicize the concept of green environmental protection to more people, Molike launched the second national healthy home environmental protection month of "Green China Low Carbon Action" nationwide from June 10 to 30, aiming to publicize the concept of environmental protection to consumers, experience Molike environmental protection products, and let more families participate in the green environmental protection action

you know, the environmental pollution is very serious now. For us, environmental protection products can protect our lives like elixirs

according to incomplete statistics, since 2008, there have been as many as 30 snow disasters, nearly 100 earthquakes and hundreds of floods in China due to ecological damage. The destruction of ecology has caused mankind to suffer a lot

in addition to the environmental damage caused by the emission of factory and automobile exhaust, the destruction of forests, and the unchecked exploitation of oil, if no corresponding environmental protection measures are taken in the home textile industry, the environment on which the public depends will also be damaged

as a practitioner of green environmental protection for many years, Molike has been developing with the concept of "low carbon emission reduction and green life"

molyk fully adopts the sewage treatment system in the production process, continues to increase the R & D investment in environmental protection products, and carries out the matching and upgrading of production technology. Moreover, molyk does not hesitate to increase the fuel cost, replace coal-fired boilers with gas-fired boilers, and install energy-saving devices

molyk reduces so25.78t/a, soot 0.9t/a and NOx 0.87t/a in terms of environmental benefits

therefore, Molike soft packaging is safe and environmentally friendly

inferior home textile fabrics contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, heavy metals, and some sensitizing substances, which can make people sick after long-term use. Therefore, when choosing soft products such as curtains, remember to choose environmentally friendly products

therefore, if you want to buy good environmental friendly soft clothes without spending so much money, grasping this activity is the best choice

come to Molike store to participate in activities, and get free charcoal bags! The activity is in full swing

and the countdown to the end of the event has entered 9 days. Partners who want to buy discounted environmental friendly soft clothes should hurry

there are only 8 days left in the countdown to the end of the event

during the event, anyone who goes to the Molike store can get the following benefits

during the event, customers who enter the store can get a Molike environmental protection charcoal bag free of charge. The quantity is limited, first come, first served

during the event, new and old customers can make an appointment to register by phone, scan the code and fill in the information registration form according to the requirements, and you can enjoy the old for new explosives! Every customer can replace the whole house once! It's a great welfare

regular customers: enjoy the price of all positive price products reduced by 30 yuan/meter for replacement

new customers: enjoy the price of all positive price products reduced by 20 yuan/meter for replacement

(remember to sweep me! Sweep me! Sweep me)

during the event, special green POP products and environmental protection whole house packages are launched. Customers who buy POP products or package products can enjoy the discount of "6 yuan for the first meter" of the specified regular price product, and the first meter is only 6 yuan! Each household can enjoy a discount

during the event, all customers who place orders and pay have the opportunity to participate in the lottery and receive super practical household appliances

if you pay 5000 yuan, you can draw once, and if you pay 10000 yuan, you can draw twice, and so on. The top is not capped. The more you place an order and pay, the more gifts you get! More! More

you are waiting for the grand prize of environmental protection water cup, environmental protection tableware, energy-saving rice cooker, air purifier and so on

during the event, all regular customers who bought molyk products from 1982 to 1990, as long as they scan the QR code below for information registration, molyk headquarters will send you a set of designated "environmental protection curtains" free of charge after review, which is limited to 37 people. You can get them first by registering first

(don't forget to sweep me, I'm not afraid of itching)

want to know more about the above preferential policies

welcome to Molike stores all over the country

from June 10 to June 30

make an appointment with you

Molike curtain has advanced production equipment and design team. It has four modern chemical plants: weaving factory, cotton Thai factory, embroidery factory and finished product manufacturer. The huge R & D team integrates the cutting-edge design concept into the five style series products of European charm, simple style, urban leisure, natural poetry and fashion elements. Every two seasons, 600 new products with original copyright are launched to keep your home at the forefront of the trend. The overall soft clothing categories such as curtains, wall coverings, window decorations and soft bags are well-known nationwide

(image and text source: Molike official wechat, invasion and deletion)





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