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Minnan.com, August 6. Mr. Lin, a citizen: at the back door exit of the 100 billion building on Tian'an South Road, Fengze District, a week ago, someone piled decoration garbage covering an area of about seven or eight square meters, including bricks, sand and broken sofas. When the wind blew, it blew to the fourth floor home, and so far no one has cleaned it up

decoration garbage dump at the exit of the 100 billion building

Bang Bang verified: yesterday afternoon, bang bang saw at the scene that in addition to the decoration garbage mentioned by Mr. Lin, there were also old bathtubs and other waste household products

the property staff of the 100 billion building responded that this was because an owner on the seventh floor of the building was decorating, and the building had no special temporary garbage storage place, so it was temporarily placed at the door of the community. Because many owners have reported this problem to the property, they have informed the owner to ask the cleaning and transportation company to transport the garbage away in time. The clearing and transportation company has come to clear and transport once the night before yesterday, and it is expected that the clearing and transportation will be completed within two days today and tomorrow. (Haidu Bangbang Yu lanwen/picture)

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