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It's really fascinating that a warm home occasionally emits male hormones. Here are some points you need to know

▲ here, male hormones burst

wine is a man's most loyal partner to some extent. Setting up a professional wine cabinet area at home is not only to collect good wine, but also to give yourself a space to be alone. Match it with the small bar to form a vision of high and low, and let yourself enjoy a comfortable moment. Professional wine cabinet design prefers the way of hanging and storing wine glasses, which matches the professionalism of wine lovers: the glasses are dry and not easy to get into ash. The detailed display type foreign wine area and the lying down red wine storage area understand your needs

▲ gentle and elegant, hidden and exposed, your wife of the mean is very useful.

elegant gentlemen always know how to take care of everything. Applying the golden mean to the wine cabinet design, it not only has the traditional Chinese gentleness and elegance, but also has a modern sense of fashion. It is not too much to describe the white and soft appearance as "beautiful and edible". The design of the Bogu rack allows the placement of items of high and low length, and the men who care about their families are always so considerate

▲ study is the externalization of gentleman's wisdom

people say that reading is the lowest cost way of self appreciation. This is especially true for men. Therefore, men's study should avoid becoming a museum of books, and should emphasize the convenience of books and the quietness of work. The free moving sliding panel reverses the traditional closed storage feeling of putting books on the shelf, so that the books at hand can be accessed and stored at any time. The desk integrated with the bookcase is designed in an F-shape, which is quiet in a corner and more efficient in space utilization

▲ intensive study is also very exciting

in a city with an inch of land and an inch of money, study is sometimes a luxury. Even if a workbench is set in the transition area of the room, the commonly used books can be well stored and a quiet working area can be formed. Or try to integrate the tatami with the study to form a functional superposition area, where leisure and work are the same

creative stair storage, casual reading is only the appearance, and strength is the heart

▲ stair storage can be very popular

hollow stair storage and side opening cabinet can shape the stair area of multi-storey villa and loft into a personalized place. If you add the book partition cabinet standing by the stairs, it is like being in a foreign library for a century. The sea of books surrounded by desirable ultra-high bookshelves makes people's thirst for knowledge soar. It's really interesting to experience the time of going up stairs and reading in your own home. The cabinet opened on the side of the stairs can also be decorated with small objects to enhance the sense of creativity





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