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From the current domestic small and medium-sized equipment enterprises in the development of common problems, mainly including five aspects, namely, less information resources, narrow access to information; Small market scope and low business expansion ability; Imperfect management rules and unscientific management processes; Lack of talents and high personnel mobility have caused serious loss of enterprise resources; The business process is complex, the marketing cost is high, and the cost control ability is poor. Therefore, suitable for small-scale decoration ERP management system, it should have the following characteristics:

1. Because small and medium-sized enterprises do not have too many or even no professional computer technology talents, the management products for small and medium-sized enterprises must be easy-to-use "fool" products

2. Have advanced management ideas. For small and medium-sized enterprises, because they are still mostly in a chaotic state in the whole management process and business process, and they are relatively lack of market operation experience, therefore, small and medium-sized enterprises need to rely on advanced management ideas and advanced management systems to help enterprises gradually improve their operation ability, so as to reduce the operation risk in the whole market competition

3, for small and medium-sized enterprises, the change and speed are more prominent, so how to better meet the changing application needs of small and medium-sized enterprises is what all product suppliers for small and medium-sized enterprises need to consider. This requires that the product must have high flexibility in system design and rapid implementation

4. In terms of investment capacity, small and medium-sized enterprises have relatively limited funds, so they are slower than large and medium-sized enterprises in upgrading their IT products. Therefore, on the one hand, they are required to make their products more reasonable in price, and at the same time, they should pay more attention to the direction of standardization in technology

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