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Generally, the windows of the bedroom are square, but if you want to do rural style or European style decoration, you need to make corresponding changes to the window type and make a round arch and other shapes. So, what aspects are needed when changing the window type

generally, the windows in the bedroom are square, but if you want to decorate in an idyllic or European style, you need to make corresponding changes to the window type and make a round arch and other shapes. So, what aspects are needed when changing the window type

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the appearance should meet the property requirements

“ The shape of windows can be changed indoors or outdoors according to the change of indoor style& rdquo; Zhengyufei, a senior designer of Yuanzhou decoration, said that generally speaking, community properties have certain requirements for the appearance of houses and are not allowed to change the shape and color. Therefore, consumers first need to confirm whether community properties are allowed to change the shape of windows to decide which way to use

if it is a single family villa, and the wall on which the window is located is not a load-bearing wall, any changes that meet the needs can be made to the opening and frame of the window according to the style during decoration, such as arch windows, arc windows, etc

different styles have different requirements

Zheng Yufei said that different decoration styles have different requirements for window types. Generally speaking, in American, pastoral, Mediterranean and other styles, the requirements for window types are relatively higher, mostly arched. The European style pays attention to symmetry. If there are arched windows and square windows in the house, it may involve the change of window type

wangchangsheng, a senior designer of Dongyirisheng, also believes that the change of window type also needs to be determined according to the pattern and characteristics of the house. For example, Gothic style is more suitable for villas because of its high requirements for storey height; Ordinary apartments are generally suitable for chamfered arches, semicircular arches and other shapes

suit the remedy to the case and change the window type

Wang Changsheng said that without affecting the opening of the window, if the original window sash is not attached to the roof, the shape of the window can be changed through some design methods without changing the window frame

floating window: the window is not very close to the wall, so you can consider using oil mixed sleeve line or solid wood, paint or gypsum line and other materials to make some chamfered arch, rounded arch and pointed arch shapes. If you choose to use threading, you can choose a woodwork factory to customize it; If gypsum line is selected, the material is cheap, but the salary is expensive. In general, the price of these materials is about 150-220 yuan/meter

ordinary window: you can make the window casing line into a circle, and choose different colors and materials according to the style, or paste different wallpapers on it to make a circle or chamfer arch. This method is economical and does not affect the indoor area. The owner can choose factory production, although the cost is high, but the shape is relatively standard; Workers can also be selected, but there may be errors

floor to ceiling window: if the window is a floor to ceiling window, because it is close to the roof, it is difficult to make an arch with shape. The table top can be made into convex concave, carved or embedded stone to enhance the European feeling

in addition, Zheng Yufei also said that since the modeling part is generally a fixed window sash, if the original window meets this condition, it can be covered with gypsum board according to the designed window shape indoors, and made into an arch shape, and then supported by large core board, high-density board, particleboard, etc., so that the change of window shape can be realized from an indoor perspective. She said that the use of solid wood here is relatively less, because it is easy to deform and the cost is relatively high. In order to achieve the American effect, you can choose the corresponding color according to the decoration style, and wrap the window frame with imitation wood or solid wood to realize the unification of the whole style. You can also use stone, exterior wall bricks or European style paint to make some corner flowers or lines to make the decorative effect more perfect

it should not be changed unless necessary.

the designer suggests that if the original windows do not particularly affect the decoration style, it is not recommended to change the window type. On the one hand, it is not easy to solve the problem of cracking at the joint between the gypsum board and the load-bearing wall used in modeling. On the other hand, if the window type does not meet the transformation needs, the cost of replacing the window will be increased. The cost will be relatively high, and the owner needs to decide according to his own situation





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