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To see a person's civilization, go to his bathroom. In the whole bathroom decoration, the paving of bathroom wall bricks is the dominant, so how to pave bathroom wall bricks and what is the paving method

1. Seam pavement

antique floor tiles are popular in the market now, which mainly emphasizes the return of history. The glaze is treated unevenly, and the straight edge is also made into a corrosive shape. For the necessary gap left during the pavement, it is filled with colored cement to unify the overall effect and emphasize the dignified sense of history

2. The wall pavement

adopts the combination of 45 degree oblique pavement and vertical pavement, which makes the wall rich and changed from the original monotonous geometric lines, and enhances the three-dimensional feeling and active atmosphere of the space

3. Dry tiling method

the use of tile adhesive pavement is also called dry tiling method. It changes the wet method of mortar and cement, and the tiles do not need to be soaked in advance, and the base surface does not need to be wet. As long as the basic conditions of pavement are good, the operation condition can be greatly improved. How to save money in decoration? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. Its bonding effect is also better than the traditional mortar cement, especially suitable for small and medium-sized projects and home decoration with small working surface and unsatisfactory working environment

4. Colorful joint filler

it is not ordinary colored cement, but is generally used for the ground or wall surface with joint pavement. It is characterized by strong color fixation, pressure resistance, wear resistance, non alkalization, non shrinkage and non pulverization, which not only changes the problem of easy falling off and weak adhesion of the ceramic tile gap, but also makes the color of the gap and the ceramic tile match to be unified, coordinated and complement each other

5. Combined pavement of various specifications

its feature is to select a variety of floor tiles with different geometric sizes and pave them in groups according to a certain combination. Because the floor tiles are combined in different sizes and in many ways, the geometric lines of the ground change immediately, which reflects the change and vividness in the order

6. Multiple color combinations

this is the latest paving trend of Spanish tiles. It is paved by random combinations of floor tiles with different glaze colors. Its visual effects vary greatly. It's a reverie of our tradition “ The challenge of symmetrical and unified aesthetics. It is suitable for larger halls





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