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The eliminated paper-making enterprises should destroy their production equipment on the spot (Libiao) yesterday, the national government paid attention to the regulation and promotion of emission reduction in the paper industry. The total demand for high-grade carbon fiber in China's civil aerospace and weapon equipment construction will exceed 20000 tons/year. A special environmental protection supervision video conference was held. After the meeting, the province comprehensively launched the special rectification and inspection activities for environmental protection in the paper industry

zhanglijun, deputy director of the State Environmental Protection Administration, said that as of the end of July, more than 3600 paper-making enterprises had been inspected throughout the country in the special rectification of environmental protection. Among them, the Shaanxi Provincial Government approved and transmitted the opinions on strengthening the environmental management of the paper industry in the Weihe River Basin, closed 101 paper-making enterprises, converted 24 chemical and semi chemical pulp and paper-making enterprises to waste paper-making, and implemented zero emission projects for 37 non deinked paper-making enterprises

the meeting pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen law enforcement. The local government should issue a ban and closure notice according to law for the straw pulp production devices with an annual output of less than 34000 tons that should be eliminated by the end of 2007, the pulp production enterprises with an annual output of less than 17000 tons that should be eliminated during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period to build a first-class chemical new material industry base in Anqing, and the paper-making enterprises with an annual output of less than 10000 tons that do not meet the discharge standards and use waste paper as raw materials In case of power failure, its production license or business license shall be cancelled or revoked according to law. The enterprise shall dismantle or destroy the production equipment on the spot, eliminate the hidden dangers of pollution transfer, and completely eliminate them

governments at all levels should take responsibility for environmental protection. For those who can not effectively perform their duties, they should investigate the administration of relevant government leaders according to law and regulations, and carry out comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformation

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