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Elite glass bottles continue to march on the road of innovation

elite glass products Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation in May, 2005. It is one of the largest and most powerful glass bottle and can manufacturers in Xinjiang. Now, the enterprise is gradually scaled up. From the initial production of 1.2 million units per month to the current production of 1.7 million units per month, up to 2million units per month, the comprehensive yield has increased by 5 percentage points, and the pit furnace output rate is 1. 6 tons as new raw materials, new singers and new works continue to appear/m2, creating a better level in the same industry. At the fourth session of the first Yilite workers' Congress in 2009, the innovative topic "reducing the stripe at the bottom of products in the production process" of the bottle making group of Yilite glass products Co., Ltd. and the innovative topic "removing the rust at the bottom of products" of the package inspection group won 1500 yuan of reward respectively. This is an epitome of the company based on serving the people and building learning employees

at the same time, the rapid development of ilite has driven the related industries. The investment and construction of Yilite glass products Co., Ltd. is another "stroke" for Yilite to change its business strategy, adjust its industrial structure and optimize its asset quality

since it was put into operation, the company has been based on regional advantages, guided by quality and guided by innovation. It has made great efforts to overcome the difficulties of adopting decojet film, such as the new factory, many ethnic and young workers, unskilled technology and imperfect infrastructure, and strengthened the management of production equipment and the analysis and control of process indicators. Pay attention to the construction of employees' Ideological and political work, take the form of "please come in and send out", strengthen employee training, carry out on-the-job training and technological innovation activities, encourage employees' technological innovation, and take independent innovation as a magic weapon for the company to enhance competitiveness and win the market

in 2007, the company reformed the defects of the feeding chute, and the NC machine chute was changed from the original 1. 8m to 2. 6m, which solves the problems of crystallization and uneven drop temperature caused by forced cooling of glass. The production in recent two months has proved that this measure is extremely effective, achieving the purpose of natural cooling and balanced cooling, and greatly improving the quality of feed liquid. The qualified rate of finished products was increased from 80% to over 88%, the monthly output was increased by nearly 150000, and the average cost was reduced by 0. RMB 01. In March of the same year, a round side cover was welded around the drill hole of the gas generator in the stoker workshop with leftover materials, and the drill hole was closed with the principle of anti odor floor drain, so that the coal consumption per ton of glass was effectively controlled from 0. 6 tons to 0. 55 tons. At the same time, the company added insulation layer to the annealing furnace to reduce the gas consumption and the temperature of the working environment due to the poor insulation on both sides and the top of the annealing furnace, resulting in large heat dissipation and high energy consumption of the source Huaxia liquor; According to the actual production, the annealing kiln is extended by 2. 5 meters, so that the total length of the annealing kiln reaches 25 meters, which not only prolongs the cooling time of the bottle, reduces the surface temperature of the bottle, improves the physical and chemical properties of the product, but also solves the existing two kinds of hydrocarbon fire resistant fire retardant coatings with good chemical corrosion resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance and good performance in the explosion experiment: one is the expansion type coating, which reduces the problem of inconvenient inspection and operation due to the hot bottle and reduces the missed inspection rate, The product quality is guaranteed. In 2008, special measuring tools were made for product quality to solve the problem of unstable bottle mouth size of 814 product; In October, aiming at the problem of rust on the bottom of the bottle, a set of belt aerating rust removal device was installed at the front end of the annealing furnace belt, which greatly reduced the rust mark on the bottom of the bottle and improved the appearance quality of the product; In order to ensure the stability of product quality and improve the uniformity of mixture, the antifreeze of tap water in winter has been solved by itself, which effectively prevents the problems of mixture unable to add water, uniformity reduction and dust pollution in winter, and ensures the stability of production in winter

CNC machine is a semi-automatic mechanical equipment. Because it has the advantages of low input cost and fast product transformation, although many manufacturers have been eliminated due to low success rate, the company has been used skillfully through technical transformation. In May, 2006, 3 sets were introduced, and in 2008, 3 sets were introduced. 6 sets of CNC machines have become the key equipment for the production of wine bottles of the company

people oriented and harmonious democratic management is a major feature of the company. The company's Minority Peasant employees account for 46% of the total number. There are certain language barriers and there is no enterprise concept. How to give full play to the work enthusiasm of ethnic minority employees through effective management is a difficult problem in front of the company's leaders. In order to strengthen language communication, the company requires Han employees to learn Uighur daily language, and invites senior bilingual teachers to conduct half an hour of training every day. Now, the work exchanges between the two sides have become no problem. At the same time, the company invited people to translate important documents, plant rules and disciplines, labor contract law, punishment regulations, safety training and other relevant materials into Uyghur for publicity and implementation. Through a series of management measures, their behavior has been further standardized, from loose work discipline to conscientious and strict compliance with factory rules and disciplines, and their work efficiency has also been further improved

the technological innovation in continuous exploration and innovation, rigorous business strategy, people-oriented and harmonious democratic management have made elite glass products Co., Ltd. jump onto the fast train like a lightning bolt. In 2008, a total of 1997.7 million bottles of milky wine were completed, an increase of 12% over the same period last year. 12%, with a year-on-year increase in sales revenue of 13. 59%, achieving a 16% year-on-year increase in profits and taxes. 18%。

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