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The key plan of electronic Japan will have an impact on the printing industry

at present, the Japanese government has issued the "key plan of electronic Japan" in order to rectify the Internet environment and living environment, which will have a certain impact on the printing industry. The main contents are as follows:

1. security policy strengthening. In order to create identity cards made by IT technology and information security measures for government agencies and social organizations, it is an increasingly important topic for maintaining a stable life in the future. With the development of database application, the protection of personal information has become an important issue

2. promotion of technical and professional policies. The printing industry converts various analog graphic contents into digital files, explores new uses, and uses the high-speed communication of the Internet to increase the application of single source multimedia technology. Due to the professional management policy of the technology, this operation right and business has become a new profit-making field for the printing industry

3. Promotion of it regulation reform. In the future, the demand for storing massive files in the database will continue unabated. Especially for the electronic storage of folk documents, the participation of printing technology is indispensable

4. the development of e-government and e-autonomy is promoted in the organization engineering. At present, in Japan, e-government and e-self-government are speeding up, of which the online file system is the most important. In order to improve the quality of information services provided to users, the digital technology of printing industry will play a greater role strategy in IT field. With the acceleration of globalization, especially the international cooperation related to the information services of Asian countries such as South Korea and China, which can undertake the task of high-speed transmission, the application of advanced technology in the printing industry will increase

as mentioned above, the printing industry is a field composed of five pillars, and the opportunity is entirely possible. The characteristics of this field are shown in the following aspects:

1. digitalization promotes standardization.

as the digitalized workflow is determined, in addition to the text and image data, which are aimed at the production cost, output value and receipt and delivery data, the standardization of data format and color management can also be accelerated through digital delivery. In addition, based on digital printing technology and the application of inter technology, many new printing business models have been bred

2. security technology

the production and management of securities, ID cards (IC cards), the application and popularization of LC marking technology, and the high security of hologram and other anti-counterfeiting technologies will be paid more and more attention as a demand

3. environmental protection (Ecology)

in the 20th century, relying on social mass production, mass advertising, mass consumption and mass abandonment, it has promoted economic prosperity. However, in the 21st century, the management of enterprises can no longer ignore environmental protection. To protect the earth's environment is a common topic of mankind beyond enterprises

4. education

it is a top priority to cultivate talents who can promote it and provoke globalization, especially with language and culture. Knowledge of business administration and religion

5. collaboration with universities, research institutions and other enterprises

for the operating standards and respective advantages of these different experimental machines

it is particularly important to strengthen collaboration with other industries and research institutions, and the inter disciplinary research and development obtained through exchanges with most academic fields is very important. Therefore, the exchange with talents in different fields will be on the agenda. More importantly, it is not only necessary to maintain and continue traditional technological exchanges, but also sometimes it is necessary to "creatively destroy" in order to find a new way to develop the printing industry

6. cost reduction

cost reduction is a permanent business issue. For the printing industry, it is very important to build the trust relationship of the market. To this end, we should pay close attention to the market, reliably adapt to the needs from various sources, and strive to sell at an appropriate price

7. social responsibility

for non-profit organizations such as governments, schools, or profit-making organizations, they all need to survive under the recognition of regions and society before they can be sustainable. In recent years, corporate society (CSR) has become more and more substantively standardized. For example, the socially recognized "enterprise management mode", "flexibility", "meeting customer needs", "environmental protection measures", "respecting talents" and "contribution of social and cultural activities" have a very wide range of sociality. Through such social contribution activities four months after the approval of "Shandong Peninsula National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone", a new printing culture has been bred and the image of the printing industry has been improved

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