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The energy-saving transformation of elevated street lamps on Yingtian street in Nanjing can save 30% of electricity.

original title: the energy-saving transformation of elevated street lamps on Yingtian street has been completed.

careful citizens may have found that recently, the street lamps on the elevated Yingtian street have continuously increased the international influence of China's plastic machinery industry. The lamp light has changed from yellow to bright warm white, making driving at night more comfortable and convenient. It was learned from the street lamp management office of the Municipal Urban Management Bureau that after 12 all night efforts of street lamp maintenance workers, 1677 street lamps along the elevated Yingtian street had been transformed into energy-saving lamps in the early morning of this morning. LED lamps with higher luminous efficiency replace the original high-pressure sodium lamps, which can save at least 30% electricity

23 at 10:00 p.m., the traffic flow of overhead vehicles decreased significantly, and the street lamp maintenance workers began to change their lights. At the section of Yingtian Street elevated near saihongqiao interchange, an engineering vehicle stopped in the South barricade. Two workers stood in a 1 square meter platform and were sent to the top of a 10 meter high street lamp pole by a lifting arm. The original high-pressure sodium lamp was removed and a new LED lamp was installed. At the bottom of the street lamp pole, the other two workers operate synchronously to pull out the old wires and connect the new wires. After 10 minutes, a street lamp was successfully replaced and turned on again

the area where the street lamp energy-saving transformation is implemented is the section from Qinhong South Road of Yingtian Street elevated to Yangzi River Avenue, with a total length of 9.8 kilometers of "strengthening the layout of cutting-edge materials", and a total of 1677 street lamps. "In order to ensure the normal traffic of vehicles at night, we can't cut off the power and change the lights. If we remove one, we must immediately change it and turn it on." LIANGHAI, manager of the facility maintenance department of the street lamp Department of the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, said

"from November 2, every Friday to Sunday, from 1 p.m. to 6 a.m. the next day, we spent 12 overnight to complete the transformation task." LIANGHAI said that the first weekend was warm, and everyone wore thick work clothes. 9. Curve selection: stress-strain and force time curves can be selected according to user requirements for display and printing; It's cool to wear elevated clothes. At the beginning of the second weekend, the weather turned cold. Wearing down jackets could not stop the wind. Several workers caught cold in one night

the street lamps along the elevated Yingtian street have been running for more than 10 years. The lamps are old, and the lighting quality is much lower than before. At that time, all the lamps installed were high-pressure sodium lamps, which consumed a lot of energy. After the energy-saving transformation, not only the lights are brighter and more uniform, but also the lamps have a longer service life and lower energy consumption. "Compared with the service life in the laboratory, the high-pressure sodium lamp is more than 10000 hours, and the LED lamp is 50000 hours." Liang Hai said that when the same brightness is used, LED lamps can save at least 30% of electricity. Moreover, all the LED lamps installed this time are equipped with adjustment lines, which can reduce the power and energy consumption when the natural environment is bright in summer

it is learned that several years ago, the energy-saving transformation of street lamps on the West trunk road was completed. This year, after the energy-saving transformation of street lamps on the East trunk road and Yingtian Street elevated, the energy-saving transformation of street lamps on the model road and Jiangdong expressway is planned to be implemented next year. At that time, the "well" shaped inner ring expressway will be replaced with LED energy-saving lamps. (MA jinbaiwei)

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